How to dress like Crocodile Dundee

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How to dress like Crocodile Dundee

Intro about Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee is the central character in the hit Australian film of the same name. He is a crocodile hunter who ventures into the big city, New York, and feels like a complete fish out of water.

Stage one: What you need

For this look you will need:

– A brown T-shirt

– Black trousers

– A black hat

– Hair gel

– Bronzer

– A make up brush

– Brown face paint

– Brown fabric paint

– A fine paintbrush

– A sponge

– White card

– Scissors

– Brown ribbon

– A hot glue gun

Stage two: What to wear

We will begin your Crocodile Dundee look by preparing your waistcoat. You will need a brown T-shirt. Trim it into the appropriate waistcoat shape by cutting the sleeves and front off the T-shirt. Use your paintbrush and brown paint to create a crocodile scale pattern all over the waistcoat. Finish the look by wearing your black trousers.

Stage three: Make-up

Crocodile Dundee has very tan skin, no doubt from excessive crocodile wrestling in the heat of the Australian outback. To recreate this, we are going to use bronzer. Use your make up brush to apply bronzer all over your face, chest, hands, arms, and anything else that might be on display. Ensure that you create a rich, healthy looking tan. Now dip your sponge into brown face paint. Add the odd mark over your face and body to create a dirtier look like you are in the middle of an adventure.

Stage four: Hair

Pour a small amount of hair gel into your hands. Rub your hands together and then into your hair. You want to create a scruffy ‘bed head’ style look. Now you will need to create your Crocodile Dundee hat. Begin by cutting out triangle shapes from your card. These will be your crocodile teeth. Stick them onto your brown ribbon with your glue gun. Now glue it to the brim of your hat.

Stage five: Additional props

For your additional prop we will be creating a crocodile tooth necklace. Cut out ten small triangle shapes from your card for crocodile teeth. Use a hole punch to create holes in the paper. Thread a piece of string through, and hold them in place by adding a small amount of glue from the glue gun. Tie the two ends of the string together. Wear the necklace to complete your Crocodile Dundee look.

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